for single moms

Single Moms United was birthed from the life experiences of its founder, Anissa Green.

Anissa is a motivational speaker, a business consultant, and a loving mother of one, that challenges all to "Pursue their Purpose in Life."

The vision for this program is to provide 6 months of transitional housing, supply basic needs, and to empower women to become successful leaders. This directive steams from the result of homelessness in 2001.

young disciple

There is allot of programming on television and on the internet that references the Christian lifestyle, and many find themselves bothered by what they’re shown. Either the message is watered down or isn’t in line with scripture, or it alienates the viewer in a way that doesn’t hold their interest.

Young Disciple is the new mini series that takes a look at the transformation that a group of young men go thru as they transition from being gangstas to becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.

Those of us that are in Christ can affirm that change does not come easy, regardless of the life we’ve lived or the path we’ve walked… Change doesn’t always happen fast, and as consistent as God is (yesterday, today, and forever more), quite often we are ALWAYS a variable. Be sure to check it out...

tha gospel zone

Is an Award Winning Music Video Television Show produced by DJ Holyghost of Rhema Gospel Radio.

Tune in as DJ Holyghost brings you the HOT music videos from today's Christian Artists...

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Our new broadcast facility will enable us to continue our community radio broadcast locally and around the world for many years to come.

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future broadcast studio

Rhema Word Television needs your help with equipping our Television Broadcast Studio? The above image is the design of our planned Television Studio Set; which will be used for the furtherance of spreading the Gospel.

This television studio will allow Rhema Word Television to broadcast on the same level of other great Christian Television Networks you’ve come to know. Please partner with us today.

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